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TN45 Recycling

We have committed ourselves to build a greener and more sustainable environment through better optimization of recycling processes. At TN45 Recycling, we value our customers and their service experience. We always strive to offer our most competitive prices accompanied with best service attitude. As a result, we have accumulated an excellent clientele from the automobile industry to environmental agencies recycling and trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our sources of ferrous and non-ferrous metals are mainly from local and overseas markets. We have a few branches located at easy to navigate locations throughout Singapore. Walk in with your scraps metals, and our friendly and committed staffs will definitely give you the excellent customer service experience you will remember. Tat Hong Metals to be your preferred top choice to buy in your metals and scraps at very good and reasonable prices.


We are grateful that our core business is closely in line with our corporate value of creating a more sustainable environment for our future generations. Yearly, 8 million tons of wastes are disposed worldwide, with over 4 million tons of waste dump in landfills. These mountains of waste disposal are growing at a shocking rate. Without any proactive waste management measures taken, a new incineration plant have to be built every 7 years, and a new landfill (size of 450 football field) every 30 years.

Our Products




Our advanced processes ensure the efficient recovery and reuse of iron, contributing to a sustainable and circular economy. By choosing us, you're not just recycling iron


Through meticulous sorting and processing, we maximize the recovery of valuable metals, contributing to a circular economy and reducing the strain on natural resources.

Stainless Steel

We specialize in the responsible recycling of stainless steel. Our advanced processes ensure the efficient recovery of stainless steel, contributing to a circular economy.

Wire Mooring Ropes

Crafted from recycled materials, these ropes not only provide robust mooring solutions but also contribute to a circular economy, reducing environmental impact.


With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental stewardship, we efficiently collect, process, and recycle brass, contributing to a circular economy.

Copper Cable/ Wire

We specialize in the efficient recovery of copper from cables and wires. Our advanced technology, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, ensures that every inch of copper

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